• Mary Treadwell

Tuesday Tip Bookshops

Here are some tips for contacting bookshops about stocking your book.

  1. Always check the store website and/or FaceBook page to see if they have a procedure for submitting requests to carry indie books. If they do, follow the directions to the letter. If you don’t, they may decide you are difficult to work with.

  2. Have your A4 information sheet ready to include with your book if it is submitted. This gives them your author bio, and info about your book, as well as any award you may have received for your books.

  3. Make certain your contact information is accurate and the best way to contact you.

  4. Once you have submitted your information, be patient. Also know that in most cases the book you submitted will not be returned to you.

  5. If you are accepted, inquire as to when and how payouts are processed. Do they require you to come by and pick up the payment? Will they pay via Paypal, or another cash app?.

  6. Also, inquire how long of a term your book will be offered at the store and if deadstock can be picked up when the contract runs out.

  7. Most of all, be polite and courteous. While you may believe your book is the best book ever written, the bookseller has to feel your book will sell to their market. Don’t take rejection personally.

Remember, whichever venue you choose, you still have to be diligent in promoting your book. If an independent bookshop or other small business agrees to carry your book, promote the store on your social media. Remind readers that they can find your book there.

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