• Mary Treadwell

Thrifty Thursday ~~ Publishing on a Budget

We all know that self-publishing is not cheap. Editors, cover art, formatting, and all the other bits and pieces add up when you are publishing your book. And you have to work on marketing! Many authors go into debt publishing their books. I will try to share low-cost or free resources and ways to make your publishing dreams come true.

One of my favorite apps is www.noteapp.com. It is a virtual corkboard with sticky notes. You can move the notes around, color code them, and delete them when finished. I use different colors for different projects I am working on. Individual tasks for the projects are listed on the "sticky notes" and I can add to them, move them around, or just delete them.

I love that there are eight colors to choose from. I use different sections of my board for clients, web pages, book lists, and household chores. The color options help me quickly go to the task I am working on. Check out the app and let me know what you think. ****I am not affiliated with this app *****

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