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Updated: Apr 8

Is it important to have an author website? While you don’t have to have a website, it certainly can’t hurt. A website allows you to connect with your readers, alert them to upcoming releases, and events. There are a number of options for your webpage from free sites to having a paid professional create a top-notch site. Whatever path you consider, here are some important things to remember.

Have a design that is easy to navigate. If you make it easy for readers to find what they are looking for they will spend more time on your site. If it is hard to locate your blog, available books, or contact information, they may give up and not return to your site.

Consider having a blog. You can share your thoughts, showcase your personality, share your writing process, and more. You can also have guest blog posts. Swapping blog posts or participating in book blog tours increase your audience base.

List your published works with links to purchase. If you offer the ability to have your book personalized and signed, showcase that.

Are you working on a new book? Give your readers a chance to sneak peek at some tidbits from the book. Plan a cover reveal event on your website and other social media. Share a little insight on the characters and what makes them special.

Build your email list by offering a free ebook or a short story. In order to receive the freebie, they have to sign up for your newsletter with a valid email. This is a great way to notify fans of upcoming events and book releases. In order not to overload and annoy your readers, I suggest only doing the newsletter once or twice a month unless you have major news.

You also need a page that tells a bit about you. Readers like to connect with the authors. Only share information that you do not mind being made public. If you are comfortable sharing pictures of your family do so. If not, that’s ok as well.

Have you won any awards? Share that information. It’s ok to brag about yourself. Remember you are selling yourself and your books. Are you published in any magazines, newspapers, or journals? Share those as well. Have you been on podcasts or video interviews? Post the link or the actual clips.

Do you have a particular interest like travel or gardening? Share photographs with captions to entice readers to linger on your page. The longer your visitors stay on the website it increases your ranking in regard to search engine optimizers. Do you love to read? Share what you are reading.

Most importantly, have a great Contact Us page. Provide a way readers can email you and ask questions or make comments. Include your social media links and encourage readers to follow you on all platforms. Also, let readers know if you are available for speaking engagements and the process to contact you in regard to appearances.

Creative Indie Author Services offer website creation to meet your author's needs. Contact us at creativeindieauthorservices@gmail.com.

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