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 The purpose of the Indie Author Guild is to provide an opportunity for independent authors to sell their books on the Etsy website.

The Benefit to the Author:

By listing on Etsy, the author has an outlet for sales at a reasonable cost. The author is also able to personalize the book if requested by the purchaser, thus providing a service not readily available with other outlets.

The author also maintains control of their inventory. This eliminates inventory from being lost or damaged by a third party. 

How It Works and Fee Structure:

 The author will enter into a written agreement with Creative Indie Author Services to place their book in the Indie Author Guild Store. There is a $5 membership fee per author. This is a one-time fee. The cost upfront is $2 (two) dollars per book. This covers the Etsy listing fee for 12 (twelve) months and provides $1.40 per book to CIAS for listing the book and maintaining the listings. Once the initial fee is received the book(s) will be listed in the Etsy store and the author will be notified of the listing. If the author requests any changes to the listing, those will be made in three business days. 

The listing will include the following:

   Front and Back Cover of the book

   Picture of the author

   Synopsis of book

   Author bio

   Additional information requested by the author, if permitted by Etsy.

   Option for the buyer to have the book personalized. If they do not request a personalized copy, the author will just do a standard autograph. 

When the book is purchased, CIAS will process the order and purchase the postage label. The label will be emailed to the author, who will then sign the book as requested and print the mailing label, and mail the book. All mailing labels will have tracking numbers so books can be tracked. This is for the purpose of proof of delivery.

Fees and Payments:

When the book is sold, the cost of postage comes out of what the customer pays. Books will be mailed via Media Mail with trackings to be the most cost-effective.

Costs are:

   Etsy receives 5% of the total price (item plus shipping) 

   CIAS receives 10% of the total price (item plus shipping)

   Authors receive remainder

If a book sold for $17 and the shipping was $3 the breakdown would be as follows

Book             $17

Shipping        $ 3

Total               $20

Etsy  fee 5% of $20   or $1.00

CIAS fee 10 of $20 or $2.00

Shipping                          $3.00

The author would receive $14 minus the fee that PayPal charges. 

The authors will be paid by the 5th of the month following their sales.

All payments will be paid by PayPal. 

Indie Author Guild is part of Creative Indie Author Services operated by Mary Massey Treadwell. CIAS,  IAG,  and Mary Massey Treadwell hold no claim or liability over the author’s works. The aforementioned are working solely as commissioned sales agents.

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Mary Massey Treadwell 02/18/2020