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Basic Book Review

You provide the book and we review it as we can fit it in. We provide a number of author services to authors. It may take up to 8-10 weeks to get this type of review completed. We will review the books in the order received.  Our staff is small but we will get to you. This type of review is free.


Delux Book Review and Promotion

Price $25 Adult books

         $15 Children and YA

We bundle for multiple books

I will purchase your book on amazon if it is less than $5USD. This will allow for a verified purchase. A review of the book will be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub as well as In addition, the book will be reviewed on Barnes and Noble, and Google Play, and iBooks if available from those outlets. If the author has other sites they wish reviews to be posted, they may request those. Your book will also be added to 5 lists on Listopia. Book will be featured as a sponsor of an episode of Indie Authors Book Reviews’ BookTube channel and will receive at least   3 minutes of airtime, and a link to the author’s website will be included in the segment description.Amazon does not allow paid reviews. They do however, allow you to purchase a book and review it. You are not paying for the review. You are paying for the time involved in posting to the various sites. This type of review will have a scheduled review date.


Beta Read with Critique

$0.002 per word

The author will be provided with my detailed worksheet for the critique. 

The Critique includes the following: 

Character Development

Are character descriptions clear?

Are their reactions logical and realistic?

Does the story stay focused on the main characters?

Is there anyone who is too aggressive, wimpy or overly dramatic?

Are there any stereotypes? Are they important to the story?

Favorite character and why.

Least favorite character and why.

Are there any characters that get in the way of the story?

Are there any characters that do not have a place in the story?


Is the dialogue realistic?

Are there any passages that do not make sense or confuse the story?

Does the dialogue carry the story at the right pace?


Is the setting described so the reader can envision it?

Are there elements of the setting that need to be added or left out?

Does the setting give the right feel to the story? 

Flow and Readability

Does the story drag? 

Do the scenes flow smoothly from one part to the next?

Did any part have to be reread to understand it?

Was there too much information or not enough given in places?

Were there any terms or phrases used that were not understood? 

Were the storylines resolved?

Was there any part of the story that needed additional information? 

Authors may add a specific request related to the story if desired. 

A deposit of 50% is required prior to beta read


Beta Read with Critique and Proofreading

Price $.003 per word

Includes content of Beta Read with Critique Package and proofreading of story. The author will be alerted to grammar, spelling,  and punctuation errors.

A deposit of 50% is required prior to beta read.



Price $.0015

Your work will be checked for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 

Deposit of 50% required.


Developmental Edit

$ 0.0055 per word

Developmental editing also referred to as content or substantive editing, provides detailed feedback on overall issues. Some of the issues we look at are plot holes and inconsistencies. We also access your characters. Are they believable? Is the dialogue appropriate to the characters and does it make sense?  We will look at your work and tell you what works and what does not. We WILL NOT change your voice. We provide an editorial report and an annotated manuscript.


Book Formatting

Up to  70000 words

Ebook $100

Paperback $125

Both $200

For books over  70000 words, request quote

Turn around time 7 days for a single choice. 10 days for both.

50% deposit required.


Author Bio

Price $25

Let me help you create an author bio that represents you and your work. An author bio is important for your website, Author page, and press kit. 


Press Kit with AI Sheet

Price $75

Everyone needs a good press kit to send to podcasters, booktubers, reviewers, and anyone else who might be reviewing and publicizing your book.

Press Kit includes

 1. Contact Info 

2. Production info

3. Promo Info

4. Interview Resources

5. Media Reviews

6. Press Release

7. Book Excerpt

8. Final Notes

Also included will be a separate Advance Information sheet for up to two books. 


Advance Information Sheet (AI)

Price $25

Advanced Information Sheets are important to use to let the media, bloggers, bookstores,and reviewers know about your new release. It contains pertinent information about you and your book. You need an AI for each book you publish.  Include these in your Press Kit. 


Back Cover Description

Price $45

The back cover is the main advertisement for your book. It gives the reader enough information to get them interested in the story without telling the whole story. 


Book Blurb

Price $20
A blurb is a relatively short summary that informs potential readers what the story is about. It provides a) the identity of the main character(s), b) the main character's goal, and c) the stakes of the story. Usually, within that is embedded the genre and some details to provide clues to the tone.



Price $25

Indie Author Book Reviews will provide an endorsement that can be used on your book cover, website, and press kit.


BookTube Sponsor

Price $10

Sponsor an episode of Indie Author Book Review’s BookTube Channel. Your book will be featured for at least 3 minutes of the segment. Links to your website will be posted in the segment description of the episode.


Author Website

Author website set up with email, newsletter sign up, book info, personal info, and other requested information. 
Basic fee is $300 plus $48 for the domain name. 
Monthly maintenance and updating is $25 per month for basic services such as updating posts, adding links, basic maintenance.. If major changes are needed we will give an estimate and work with the author.


Social Media

We can help you set up the following accounts

FB author page $25                                                                                  

Twitter $10                                                  Instagram $10                                                                

Goodreads $10                                                                                             

Bookbub $10                                                                                                 

Amazon author page $10                                                                             



Marketing depends on the genre. I have several sources to link you to book funnels, Newsletter builders, and just general promotions. I charge what their rate is plus $10 for setting it up and handling the event.  Once your book is in the marketing stage we will discuss options and make a plan based on availability of marketing options at that time. Base rate for these run between 25 to 100 dollars based on what is available at the time.


Personal Assistant

We can act on your behalf in posting to your social media accounts, promoting your book in various groups,  creating your newsletter, and additional services. Prices for this will vary from a monthly cost of $30 dollars upward depending on what services you need.


Promoting Books for 99cents, free, or perma free

We have software that will automatically upload links to your Amazon book to websites that feature books that are on special for 99 cents, free, or perma free. We charge only $2 per book, regardless of how many sites it loads to.



We are also able to make graphics for your book promotions. We offer reasonable pricing based on what you need. Graphics can be made for FB, Instagram, Twitter, websites, and other needs.


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